Institute of Social Anthropology

Institute of Social Anthropology


Golden Dawn Girls, Håvard Bustnes, Greece, 2017, 94 min


EthnoKino is an ethnographic film program created by students at the Institute of Social Anthropology. Our selection of movies are handpicked from various European ethnographic film festivals and the majority of the screenings will be accompanied by Skype Q&A. We will present seven films, while touching issues of precarity, embodiment and climate change.


Every two weeks, 8 p.m.

Kino in der Reitschule, Neubrückstrasse 8

Voluntary contribution. Original versions with English or German subtitles.

Facebook: EthnoKino Bern




01 March: Tibetan Warrior

Dodo Hunziker, Switzerland, 2015, 84 min

Loten Namling - an exiled Tibetan and musician living in Switzerland sets off from Europe to India, on a one-man mission to meet top politicians, experts and young radicals. He himself becomes increasingly radical and is on the verge of violent protest. Finally he ends up at The Office of the Dalai Lama in India to seek the advice of the exiled Tibetan leader.


15 March: First Person Plural

Various Students and Dr. Darcy Alexandra, Switzerland, 2016/17

The anthropologist Darcy Alexandra teaches at the University of Bern. In her course "Co-Creative Documentary: Digital Storytelling" she encouraged her students to film, edit and create a story. The impressive results will be screened by EthnoKino. Darcy Alexandra and her students will be present in person.


5 April: Oyate

Dan Girmus, USA, 2016, 73 min

The film follows two families on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation as they go about their daily activities over the course of a single summer. They attend rodeos, shoot clay pigeons, and participate in pow wows. Family members get married, have children, and celebrate the 4th of July. All the while, the difficult, often intractable realities of modern reservation life threaten to encroach upon them.


18 April (Wednesday): The Possibility of Spirits

Mattijs van de Port, Brazil, 2016, 71 min

Possibility of Spirits is an essay film that keeps the baffling mystery of spirit possession center stage. In a poetic assemblage of images and words, it offers an alternative for the kind of documentary that either exoticizes spirit possession in spectacular imagery, or extinguishes the wonder of the phenomenon in explanatory prose.


                 & Stendalì – Suonano Ancora

                            Cecilia Mangini, Italy, 1959, 11 min

 A unique documentary on the tra­ditional mourning ritual in Griko, an ancient language of Salento.


26 April: Ballad for Syria

Eda Elif Tibet & Maisa Alhafez, Turkey, 2017, 47 min

Maisa Alhafez a musician and a Syrian refugee living in Istanbul, is missing her loved ones as she tries to make a place for herself in the world of the displaced. Her family still in Syria, Maisa’s true love (fiancé) is in the Netherlands. As of the current EU-Turkey border regime, to unite is very challenging. Not giving up, Maisa works hard for her vision to transform the borders; by building a multicultural community “The oriental Istanbul Mosaic Choir”.


10 May: Dusk Chorus

Alessandro D’Emilia & Nika Saravanja, Ecuador, 2017, 67 min

Follow the eco-acoustic composer David Monacchi on his quest to record pure continuous 24-hour 3D soundscapes in the area with the world’s highest biodiversity in Ecuador’s remote primary forests. A unique listening experience of fragments of the disappearing sonic heritage of millions of years of evolution.


                & Cerro Rico – The Silver Mountain

                          Armin Thalhammer, Bolivia, 2015, 34 min

In the vertiginous Bolivian highland, Cerro Rico, a mountain of long tradition and of great significance rises. Since over 400 years people there are mining for silver. The movie offers an impressive insight into the hard and dangerous daily routine of Cerro Rico’s miners. Dust, hollow hammering and the headlights generate a unique and bizarre scenery, at one of the most dangerous workplace in the world.


24 May: Golden Dawn Girls

Håvard Bustnes, Greece, 2017, 94 min

With many prominent members of the far-right Golden Dawn party now behind bars, a daughter, a wife and a mother continue to propagate its message—and all three of them are seasoned enough to avoid any slips of the tongue during interviews. But while they regularly stop the interview to make sure it went as they want, Håvard Bustnes just leaves the camera running.