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Institut für Sozialanthropologie


Fest of Duty, Firouzeh Khosrovani, Iran, 60 min
Fest of Duty, Firouzeh Khosrovani, Iran, 60 min


EthnoKino ist ein Studentinnen-betriebenes Film program der Universität Bern. Wir präsentieren eine handverlesene Selektion aus Europäischen Ethnographischen Filmfestivals, dazu laden wir die Filmemacher für ein Q&A ein. Tune in!


Jeden Montag, 18:15 bit 20:00 Uhr

Im Raum F-111, Unitobler, Lerchenweg 36

Freier Eintritt. Originalfilme mit englischen Untertiteln.


Facebook: EthnoKino Bern

E-mail: ethnokino.unibern(at)


  • March 20


Simone Catharina Gaul, Burkina Faso, 64 min

Ethnocineca (2016): The Award for Excellence in Visual Anthropology

Bintou is the portrait of a young woman looking for her place between traditional and modern culture, between motherhood and career.


  • March 27

After Trujillo

Jorge Domínguez Dubuc & Lisa Blackmore, Dominican Republic, 72 min

Convenor: Martha-Cecilia Dietrich

After Trujillo tells the story of the violent dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo through the marks it left on the landscape and in people's memories.


  • April 3

Swamp Dialogues

Ildikó Zonga Plájás, Romania, 53 min

Astra Film Festival (2016): The Award for Best Student Film

While major efforts are made to protect biodiversity in the Romanian Danube Delta, the plight of local communities is largely overlooked.


  • April 10

Five Lives

Jaroslava Panáková, Russia, 65 min

Swiss Premiere

According to Yupik Eskimo, the dead can return to the realm of the living up to five times. This film-essay on life, death and possible return poses the universal question: How do you confront your own end?


  • April 24

Darcy Alexandra on Digital Storytelling

Engaging with poetry, creative non-fiction, moving and still image, Darcy facilitates participatory ethnographic research through the interweaving of inquiry and practice.


  • May 1

Fest of Duty

Firouzeh Khosrovani, Iran, 60 min

IDFA (2014): Oxfam Global Justice Award

The film follows two adolescent cousins as they transition into adulthood eight years after their official Fest of Duty, a religious ceremony designed to instil Islamic beliefs and values in girls.


  • May 8

Experimental Shorts

The Mass

Michal Pavlásek & Ivo Bystřičan, Greece, 32 min

Land of Udehe

Ivan Golovnev, Russia, 25 min

Strange Beasts

Kriston Jackson, The Great Britain, 18 min


  • May 15


Deepak Tolange, Nepal, 61 min

Every year thousands of Nepalis and Indians migrate to work in brick factories in various parts of Nepal. Many of these laborers are children who drop out school, engage in hard labor and never return.


  • June 1

„Swiss Talent“

A selection of Swiss short films and works of early-career ethnographers. Send us your film!