Institute of Social Anthropology

Prof. Dr. Schäuble, Michaela

Sonic excess – Listening beyond material vibration in Morocco

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Andi Schoon (cultural and media studies HKB), Prof. Michaela Schäuble

Departing from historical music recordings in Morocco such as the French « Archives de la Parole » (1920s) and the « Paul Bowles Moroccan music collection » (1959), the project is interested in the locally situated sound histories that can be elicited today. It examines in particular material aspects of sound and listening practices, and how they came to interact with, respond to, and at times resist the « techno-material sound paradigm » embedded in Western technologies of sound reproduction since their introduction by European colonial powers in the early 20th century. This includes examples from music, dance, vernacular architecture, clothing, and religious rituals, along the environmental voices of seaweed, goats, stones, and seismic waves. Using a methodology based on thick listening, speculative ethnography and artistic collaboration, the project cuts accross temporalities and disciplines in order to listen beyond sound as mere material vibration.

Project funded by SNF and affiliated to GSA.