Andrea Bordoli has a background in Visual Anthropology (MA, University of Manchester), Visual Arts – Cinema (HEAD – Genève), and Anthropology and Philosophy (BA, Neuchâtel University). Combining anthropological research and artistic practice, his work mainly explores human-environment relationships and multispecies entanglements in sensitive and remote territorial ecologies. His audiovisual works have been presented in academic settings and exhibited in film festivals and art spaces nationally and internationally. 

During his MA studies he focused on Swiss agro-hydro-electric alpine landscapes, conducting fieldwork in Robiei, a high alpine area in Southern Switzerland. In 2021 he began a PhD as part of the Sinergia interdisciplinary research project "Mediating the Ecological Imperative", under the supervision of Prof. Michaela Schäuble. His PhD project currently focuses on extractive industries, more-than-human ontologies and indigenous futures in Canadian Sub-Arctic territories. These themes will be explored using experimental and expanded media.