Martha-Cecilia Dietrich joined the Institute of Social Anthropology in February 2015. She recently completed her PhD in Anthropology with Visual Media at the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology at the University of Manchester and is currently a post-doctoral scholar at the University of Bern.

Her research and teaching interests are in the fields of political anthropology, anthropology of experience, memory and imagination, feminist phenomenology, as well as sensory methodologies including ethnographic filmmaking and audiovisual research collaborations. Her ethnographic experience and regional expertise is in Latin America (Peru, Venezuela, Argentina) and Europe (UK, Austria).


PhD Project - Entre Memorias „Between Memories“

A collaborative journey into the experience of memory in postwar Peru

Eudosia is still searching for her husband’s remains in the highlands of Ayacucho, Lucero has been in prison for 25 years now for the crime of terrorism against the Peruvian state, and since 2009 the commandos of the counterinsurgency unit Chavin de Huantar recreate and commemorate their heroic military actions to save a nation from the threat of terrorism. Twelve years after the Peruvian Truth and Reconciliation Commission published its final report about the atrocities committed during the internal armed conflict (1980-2000), memories of this period seem more contested than ever. 

This film explores the complex legacies of twenty years of violence and war in Peru through practices of remembering. In three audio-visual pieces made in collaboration with relatives of the disappeared, insurgents of the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) and members of the Armed Forces, this documentary aims for creating an on-screen dialogue between memories, which in practice remains elusive.

Horror in the Andes. Audio-visual storytelling and oral histories in an emerging film industry.

Martha-Cecilia Dietrich PhD

In my most recent research and documentary film project „Horror in the Andes“ we accompany a group of Peruvian horror filmmakers during the production of their most recent film „La malediction del Inca" (The curse of the Inca) produced by Ccorafilms. Examining the ways in which the filmmakers have resorted to fiction as to process, articulate, and educate fellow Peruvians about oral histories and the most recent experiences of violence during the internal armed conflict, this project looks at contemporary cultural practices of remembering the past and imagining the future through the local film industry.

Crew: Jose Luis Fajardo (Unversity of Manchester) , Andrew Lawrence (University of Manchester and Allritesreversed)

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curated for the Soho in Ottakring Art Festival in Vienna 

“The online exhibition “From Muted Places” focuses on objects and stories of six women who have been prisoners in Lima’s high security prison of Santa Monica for several decades and deals with critical concepts such as voice, visibility and resistance."



Here are some impressions of the Horror in the Andes Premiere at this year’s RAI Film Festival in Bristol.

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Horror in the Andes q&a
Horror in the Andes q&a
Horror in the Andes crew

Latest Publication: "Pursuing the Perpetual Conflict: Ethnographic Reflections on the Persistent Role of the “Terrorist Threat” in Contemporary Peru." History and Memory 31, no. 1 (2019): 59-86.

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