Institute of Social Anthropology



Sonja Moghaddari is a Social Anthropologist and since September 2020 she is a Research Assistant funded by the SNF Return Grant with the research project "Engaging Inequalities: Spirituality within pro-refugee protest in the Italian and German radical left". During her time at the Institute, she will conclude her postdoctoral research on diversity within refugee rights movements in Germany and Italy, which is running since 2017. Within this research, she is particularly interested in concepts of solidarity, teleology and perceptions of time, as well as being concerned with epistemological questions and ethics of research.

In her dissertation which she concluded at the General Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in 2016, she shows ethnographically how power relations between Iranian Germans relate to local and transnational, historically rooted dimensions of inequality. Thereby she contributes to the study of Iranian migration to Europe and highlights the interest in thinking anthropological theories of value transnationally.

Research topics

  • Iran and Iranian Diaspora
  • (Transnational) Protest and Critique
  • Postcolonialism
  • Immigration, Racism and Inclusion in Germany and Italy
  • Solidarity
  • Anthropology of time and the future
  • European Radical Left

Current research project

Engaging Inequalities: Spirituality within pro-refugee protest in the Italian and German radical left