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EthnoKino ist ein ethnographisches Filmprogramm, das von StudentInnen des sozialanthropologischen Instituts organisiert und in Kollaboration mit dem Kino in der Reitschule gezeigt wird. Das Programm umfasst eine Selektion von Filmen von verschiedenen ethnographischen Filmfestivals in Europa und bezieht auch studentische Kurzfilme mit ein.

Nach Möglichkeit werden mit den FilmemacherInnen nach den Screenings ein Q&A via Skype oder persönlich geführt.


Alle zwei Wochen, ab 20:00 Uhr

Kino in der Reitschule, Neubrückstrasse 8

Freiwilliger Beitrag. Originalfilme mit englischen oder deutschen Untertitel.


Facebook: EthnoKino Bern



This season EthnoKino shows a selection of films exploring how knowledge is being created,
mediated and transcended. In "T ransactive Dialogues" we travel across the world from the centre
to the peripheries as we are taken to see what is beyond. Looking through the artistic visions of the
filmmakers, we ask:

Who has access to knowledge? (THE PROPOSAL)
How is knowledge co-created and transmitted across cultures? (SURYA)
What are the young ways of knowing? (ETHNOKINO SHORTS)
What is the relation between knowledge and colonialism? (THEATRUM BOTANICUM)
How the power of sharing what we know and have could change lives? (BACHIR IN
How knowledge, despite all odds, connects even the most remote? (MURGHAB)


19.9. The Proposal I Jill Magid

Known as "the artist among architects," Luis Barragän is among the world's most celebrated architects of the 20th century. Upon his death in 1988, much of his work was locked away in a Swiss bunker, hidden from the world's view. An artist Jill Magid fights to make the archives of Mexico's most famous architect available to the public.

Duration: 83 min., Year: 2018, Language: English Award: Sheffield 2018 -  New Talent Award


2.-3.10. Masters in Bern: Laurent Van Lancker I Surya

Once upon a journey, ten contemporary storytellers of different cultures create an imaginary epic story, which oscillates between imagination and reality, the inner world and the outside world, documentary and fiction.

"Surya" will open  the  Masterdass  of  an  award-winning  director  Laurent  Van  Lancker.  Next  day Laurent will present his vision of filmmaking - experiential, performative and sensorial - in a day-long workshop  at the  Institute of  Social Anthropology.

Duration: 76 min., Year: 2006,  Language: multilingual with English  subtitles

Award:  Rodos Film  Festival - Grand Prix and Audience Award



23.10. EthnoKino Shorts     5 inspiring short films

"EthnoKino  Shorts"  is  dedicated  to the  work  of  young  filmmakers.  Through  a  Call  for  Submissions we invite filmmakers to present and discuss their latest short documentary films. An Expert Jury will attend the screening and give constructive feedback on  the  aspects  of  camera  werk,  editing  and research. The event creates space for new collaboration, networking, exchange and visibility.




31.10. Theatrum Botanicum I Uriel Orlow

The video trilogy by Uriel Orlow investigates the ideological and commercial confrontation of two different yet interwinding medicinal traditions and their use of plants (The Crown Against Mafavuke), considers questions around indigenous copyright protection (Mafavuke's Tribunal) and documents the continuing presence of herbal medicine in the postcolonial context (Muthi).

Duration: 18 min., 17 min. and 28 min., Year: 2016-2018, Language: English and Swahili with subtitles



14.1 1. Global Science Film Festival

Opening film of the 2nd Global Science Film Festival, Bern

A panel discussion on "Migration & Mobility Justice" convened by Susan Thieme & Eda Elif Tibet Screening: 19:45

The sea is a great mystery to Bachir. He is only familiar with sand, lots of sand, because he lives in a refugee camp in the Algerian Sahara. His parents grew up in the Western Sahara, right by the

seaside, but when Morocco occupied their land, the family had to flee the war.


Bachir in Wonderland I  Els  Duran & Evelien Vehof

Duration: 16 min., Year: 2019, Language: Spanish and Arabic with English Subtitles


Eldorado Markus lmhoof

Duration: 105 min., Year: 2018, Language: German with English Subtitles Award: Nomination for Swiss Film Award - Best Documentary Film 2019

Drawing inspiration from his personal encounter with the ltalian refugee child Giovanna during World War II, Markus lmhoof tells how refugees and migrants are treated today: on the Mediterranean Sea, in ltaly and Switzerland.


5.12. Murghab  I Martin  Saxer & Daler Kaziev

Murghab, the former Soviet Union's highest town, has weathered many storms. Yet, life goes on and, with wit and improvisational skills, the ruins cf Socialism afford a plethora cf new but precarious ways to make de. A winter film cf hardship, werk and hope.

Produced at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, LMU Munich. The film screening in the presence of Martin Saxer.

Duration: 81 min., Year: 2019, Languages : Kyrgyz and Russian with English Subtitles Premiere:  Locarno  Film Festival 2019


Looking forward to meeting in Kino in der Reitschule


EthnoKino team

Eda Elif Tibet, Sina Fischer, Livia Schambron, Valentina Shasivari and Pavel Borecky