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Damaris Lüthi did her postgraduate studies at the London School of Economics and at the University of Berne, Switzerland, from where she has a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology, focusing on South Asia. Her thesis with the title "Washing off Sin. Cleanliness in Kottar, South India" focuses on the relationship between everyday hygiene and so-called ritual concepts of im/purity and their relevance for the Indian caste system. It was based on fieldwork in a South Indian Tamil town neighbourhood for 16 months in 1995-96. From 2001-03 she conducted research on social change among Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in Switzerland, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.



Kastenkonzepte und -prozesse im Tamilengebiet Südasiens; Bedeutung von Reinheits- und Hygienevorstellungen; Ethnographischer Film.