Institut für Sozialanthropologie

Tuesday, 11th June 2019

Wann Was
Tuesday, 11th June 2019, 14:00
Arrival and registration
UniS Entrance

Panel 1 - Mobilisation

Chair: tba

Marta Perez and Irene Rodríguez Newey:
Belonging to everyone, for the use of everyone?
Ethnography of (a) struggle for healthcare in Spain

Sophie Roborgh: Medical revolutionaries on Tahrir –
right to health and revolution

Ruth Prince: Care in Crisis: Cancer and the body
politic in Kenya

Raum B102, UniS, Schanzeneckstrasse 1
Coffee Break


Introduction Janina Kehr, MAS

Welcome Sylvie Schuster, MAS

Hauptgebäude, Raum 501 (Kuppelraum)

Keynote (freely open to the public)

Helena Hansen: Addiction as Displacement:
Techniques of Transformation and Prosthesis in
post-Industrial U.S. and Puerto Rico


Wednesday, 12th June 2019

Wann Was

Panel 2 - Dispositifs

Chair: tba

Rudolfo Maggio: Coping with austerity: parents and early intervention services in Oxford and north-side Dublin

Heath Cabot: Dealing with Donations in Athens`Social Solidarity Clinics and Pharmacies

Jessica Pourraz: Between Abundance and Scarcity: Questioning conflicts between local production of antimalarial medicines in Ghana and the Global Fund medicines districution policies


UniS A201
12:00 Lunch

PANEL 3 – Care

Chair: tba
Ciara Kierans: Chronic Failures: kidneys, regimes
of care and the Mexican state
Erin Koch: Protracted Displacement, Scarcity and
Strategies of Care in the Republic of Georgia


UniS A201
15:30 Coffee Break


INTERLUDE – Film Screenings

Film The Marketable Patient
(by Leslie Franke and Herdolor Lorenz)
Film Los Cuidados
(by Raquel Congosto and Antonio Girón)

UniS A201


with Apéro Riche
Inayat Ali; Francesca Cancelliere; Jean-Marc

UniS Dining Hall

Thursday, 13th June 2019

Wann Was

PANEL 4 – Temporalities

Chair: Julia Rehsmann, MAS

Janina Kehr: Rhythms of Care and Violence in
Austerity Spain
Theodore Powers: Austerity and Public Health
in Post-Apartheid South Africa: People, Policy,
Jean-Paul Gaudillière: Scarcity, triage and the
politics of needs: the longue durée of Primary
Health Care in Kerala.

Main Building Room 501 (Kuppelraum)
11:30 Coffee Break


FINAL ROUNDTABLE – Austerity in medicine
and beyond

Moderation: Claire Beaudevin and Janina Kehr

with Michi Knecht, Christoph Gradmann and
Patricia Matos


Main Building Room 501 (Kuppelraum)