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M.A. Baumann, Dorothée


Kiri Santer completed an MA in Anthropology and Sociology at SOAS, University of London with a focus on migration and diaspora studies. Previously, she studied Anthropology, Comparative Literature and Middle Eastern Studies at the universities of Geneva, Neuchâtel and Toronto.

Kiri Santer’s research interests include legal anthropology, the anthropology of the state, human rights, extractive industries, inequality, postcolonial theory and critical migration and security studies.

Her PhD project examines recent transformations in governance of the Central Mediterranean and the EU’s project of border externalisation in Libya. She is researching the emergence of the Libyan Coast Guard as a central political actor and the formation of a new Search and Rescue Region under Libya’s coordination. Based on a multi-sited and mixed-method approach, her fieldwork takes place between Tunisia, Brussels and Rome and probes the conditions which have enabled this shift in governance to take place. Centrally, she is interested in building upon theories of extraterritorial responsibility and complicity, from a socio-legal perspective.

She is the recipient of a “Doc.CH” grant (excellence funding scheme) by the Swiss National Science Foundation for her dissertation project. Her project is supervised by Prof. Julia Eckert (Universität Bern) and Prof. Grégoire Mallard (Graduate Institute, Geneva).


Theorie-Wahlpflichtübung I: Anthropology of security