Areas of specialization: Media anthropology

Nollywood made in Switzerland. Audio-Visual Forms of Self-Representation by African Migrants in a Transnational Context

Sandra Mooser, M.A.

The objective of my PhD research is to study the transnational exchange between the Nigerian video film industry Nollywood and its diasporic filmmakers as well as to find out more about the African diaspora in Switzerland. By employing qualitative media anthropological methods and in particular Performance Ethnography, I seek to examine the ways African migrants represent themselves as a community through audio-visual media and the effect the transnational use of Nollywood has on these forms of self-representations. For this purpose, I was partnering a film project by African migrants in Switzerland over the course of four years. During this collaboration, we produced the film PARADISE IN MY MIND.

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Horror in the Andes. Audio-visual storytelling and oral histories in an emerging film industry.

Martha-Cecilia Dietrich PhD

In my most recent research and documentary film project „Horror in the Andes“ we accompany a group of Peruvian horror filmmakers during the production of their most recent film „La malediction del Inca" (The curse of the Inca) produced by Ccorafilms. Examining the ways in which the filmmakers have resorted to fiction as to process, articulate, and educate fellow Peruvians about oral histories and the most recent experiences of violence during the internal armed conflict, this project looks at contemporary cultural practices of remembering the past and imagining the future through the local film industry.

Crew: Jose Luis Fajardo (Unversity of Manchester) , Andrew Lawrence (University of Manchester and Allritesreversed) 

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