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The Institute of Social Anthropology teaches social anthropology in its full diversity. Key areas of research at our institute include (but are not limited to): migration, anthropology of the state, economic and ecological anthropology as well as media anthropology. Our different degree programs – one bachelor and three master’s programs which include the specialised master’s program Anthropology of Transnationalism and the State (ATS) and CREOLE – provide students with a thorough grounding in anthropological theory and methodology. Furthermore, they offer vast possibilities for specialisation. The Institute of Social Anthropology also participates in several postgraduate programs for doctoral and post-doctoral researchers.

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„Polizeigewalt in der Schweiz“ im Offenen Politkanal des Radio LoRa

Am 20.03.22 lief der Audio-Beitrag „Polizeigewalt in der Schweiz“ von sechs Studierenden unseres Institutes im Radio LoRa. Der Beitrag entstand im Rahmen der Sachbereichsübung „Surveillance to the Maximum“ im FS21


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