If you are interested in acquiring skills to decipher cultural logics and to analyze the actions of groups in social contexts, to interact with people and to practice critically reflective methods, while at the same time encouraging critical examination of one's own ideas and certainties - then social anthropology is the right discipline for you!

The program offers the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of social, cultural, political and economic issues, to conduct research on politically relevant issues and to learn and apply qualitative research and analysis methods. The courses cover a broad spectrum of current as well as classical topics in social anthropology - the social and cultural effects of climate change, land grabbing, human rights violations, translocal border regimes, global production processes, and precarious labor relations; as well as the constitution of social movements and cultural identities through new media, up to gift-sharing and reciprocity relations, kinship relations, and religious practice.

Course registrations for WS2024 are possible from 9 June 2024 at 2 pm until 11 August 2024!

Information for new master students

 If you don't have a Campus Account yet, please send your course list to the student coordinator Studienkoordinatorin Claudia Schauerte.


Equipment rental and editing rooms

We encourage our students and stuff to use audio-visual methods for their course work, theses (BA, MA, PhD) and research. We have technical equipment available ranging from voice/sound-recorders, photographic cameras to filming equipment (DSLR and camcorders). We also have two edit suites that can be booked after consultation.