Examinations, deadlines

Registrations and examinations

Sign up for Social Anthropology courses in KSL (CTS - Core Teaching System, see also Courses).  Registering in this way also counts as your registration for performance reviews. When you register in CTS, you will be automatically registered on the course on ILIAS overnight.

If you are unable or unwilling to take part in a course or an examination, you have the option of deregistering from it in CTS up to one week before the end of the semester. Further information can be found in the detailed view for the relevant course in CTS.

Course registrations: 6 June until 1 August 2021

BA reading examination

The following reading list is for the benefit of students preparing for the reading examination in the 3rd  year of their BA course.  It represents a pool from which students select about 1000 pages of reading material (approximately 5 books, 5 credit points) for the examination. Alternatively, by agreement with the lecturers, other books relevant to the examination can be included.

In the oral examination, candidates must demonstrate, based on their reading, that they have a general understanding of social anthropology and are able to make connections. To this end, the reading list generally consists of reference material that is discussed in the basic lectures and introductory sessions.

We encourage students to read the works in the original language wherever possible.  In the case of many of the works, the Institute holds 5 to 10 copies which can be obtained from the library assistants (Room B 122) on presentation of a library ticket.  Books can be borrowed for six weeks. There are also multiple copies of some books in the Basisbibliothek Unitobler.

Please talk to the lecturers about the books you have chosen a month before the examination!

The examination will take place on an individually agreed date during the 3rd  year of your BA or before you complete your bachelor's degree and will last 25 to 30 minutes.

Applying for your degree

Before you can apply for your bachelor's or master's degree, all the required grades must be entered in CTS. As soon as you have received notification of all the grades for your degree program, you can inform the relevant course coordinator via CTS or by email.  Once your major or minor program has been assessed as complete, it will be marked as "Course requirements met" in CTS. Where applicable, you will receive confirmation and can then apply for your bachelor's or master's degree.

Please note the fixed dates for graduating as a master!

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