Institute of Social Anthropology

M.A. Baumann, Dorothée

M.A. Maria-Theresia Kandathil


Mira Kandathil is a theatre professional. She studied Theatre (BA and MA) at the Bern University of the Arts (HKB). In 2017 she completed the MRA at the University of Bern in the Department of Social Anthropology. She worked artistic and scientific till September 2017 at the „Research Focus Intermediality“ Department at the HKB.


The Performative Observation by Art Figures  (working title) 

Supervisor: Prof. Michaela Schäuble, Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Bern, Dr. Fabiana Senkpiel, HKB, Research Focus Intermediality

The purpose of this dissertation project is a first time comprehensive study in view of the phenomenon of „Artistic Figures“ in regards to its simultaneity both as a research tool and autonomous artistic means of expression.
The potential of art figures to explore, embody and present socially relevant content will be analysed.
Reflecting the ethnographic method of participatory observation the method of “wallraffing“ and - based on art figures - the performative - ethnographic methodology of performing observation will be developed. For realizing the dissertation project qualitative interviews will be conducted with artists, who work themselves with art figures. By the comparative analysis of the interviews artistic mechanisms will be identified, which are relevant for the use of art figures as a research tool. To develop the methodology of performing observation, performative-practical experiments take place, in which the realisation of ethnographical methods by own  art figures are made, carried out and evaluated. Within the project it is referred to the approach of “embodied knowledge“by Julian Klein.

Research focus:
Art figures, identity, participatory observation, intermediality