Institute of Social Anthropology

M.A. Baumann, Dorothée

M.A. Mark Okyere


I am interested in thesis coaching, graphic design practices, design in context, non-formal training, graphic design, design education, ethnography

A design in context model for non-formally trained graphic designers

Prof. Dr. Michaela Schäuble, Prof. Dr. Arne Scheuermann, HKB

This study aims to enhance the professional development of ‘non-formally trained’ graphic designers in Switzerland. The objectives are to investigate the underlying factors that ensure practising graphic designers have the ability to ‘design in context’ and to develop a workable model that improves their professional practice. ‘Design in context’ refers to the ability of a designer to create graphics based on the constraints specified in a design brief and for performance. A qualitative driven mixed method approach will be chosen for this study. An action research design will be used to assess gaps based on interviews, observations, performance assessments and then graphics for their learning will be created for participants. A test will be conducted with a pre-and post-analyses of participants design products. Data will be analysed thematically and emerging themes validated using literature. The data collected will be used to plan for how designers could enhance their professional practice through a workable model. The outcomes of this study might include a checklist of quality criteria for graphics that could be used globally, findings on how training practitioners worldwide could plan for their graphics, valuable learning insights of interest to informal education-driven companies globally with an international dimension.

Funding: Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship.