Prof. Dr. Sabine Strasser


031 631 8968
Postal Address
Lerchenweg 36, 3012 Bern
Consultation Hour
Tuesday 4 to 6 pm. Please sign up on the list at the office door.

She gained her doctorate in 1994 with a study of gender issues and concepts of obsession in a Turkish village on the Black Sea and in 2004 presented her post-doctoral thesis on the transnational politics of Turkish and Kurdish activists.  She has been a visiting professor and scholar at various universities including the London School of Economics, the Middle East Technical University, Stanford University and the University of Vienna.

Research team: Luisa Piart, Gerhild Perl, Julia Rehsmann and Veronika Siegl

Research fields

Political Anthropology:

  •     Migration
  •     Transnational Studies
  •     Multiculturalism
  •     Citizenship
  •     Social and Religious Movements in Europe
  •     Globalization

Feminist Anthropology:

  •     Questions of Violence and Culture
  •     Intersectionality
  •     Diversity und Equality
  •     counter-hegemonic Strategies
for Publications of Prof. Sabine Strasser

Spring Semester 2019

Actual debates in social anthropology

Everday Islam

Master colloquia

PhD colloquia

Autumn Semester 2018

Introduction to the Anthropology of social Organisation

Integration, a panacea? Critical reflections of concepts, politics and affects

Master Colloquia

PhD Colloquia

Spring Semester 2018

Seminar: Actual Debates in Social Anthropology

Seminar: Screening Migration: Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven

Master Colloquia

PhD Colloquia


Autumn semester 2017

Seminar: Bordering: anthropological and feminist concepts of border and boundaries

CREOLE Exchange at Université Lumière Lyon 2

Master colloquia

Phd Colloquia