Prof. Dr. Sabine Strasser


031 631 8968
Postal Address
Lerchenweg 36, 3012 Bern
Consultation Hour
Tuesday 4 to 6 pm. Please sign up on the list at the office door.

She gained her doctorate in 1994 with a study of gender issues and concepts of obsession in a Turkish village on the Black Sea and in 2004 presented her post-doctoral thesis on the transnational politics of Turkish and Kurdish activists.  She has been a visiting professor and scholar at various universities including the London School of Economics, the Middle East Technical University, Stanford University and the University of Vienna.

Research team: Luisa Piart, Gerhild Perl, Julia Rehsmann and Veronika Siegl

Research fields

Political Anthropology:

  •     Migration
  •     Transnational Studies
  •     Multiculturalism
  •     Citizenship
  •     Social and Religious Movements in Europe
  •     Globalization

Feminist Anthropology:

  •     Questions of Violence and Culture
  •     Intersectionality
  •     Diversity und Equality
  •     counter-hegemonic Strategies
for Publications of Prof. Sabine Strasser

Autumn Semester 2018

Introduction to the Anthropology of social Organisation

Integration, a panacea? Critical reflections of concepts, politics and affects

Master Colloquia

PhD Colloquia

Spring Semester 2018

Seminar: Actual Debates in Social Anthropology

Seminar: Screening Migration: Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven

Master Colloquia

PhD Colloquia


Autumn semester 2017

Seminar: Bordering: anthropological and feminist concepts of border and boundaries

CREOLE Exchange at Université Lumière Lyon 2

Master colloquia

Phd Colloquia